How to Create a Theme for your Instagram?


Instagram is a popular social media platform where you express your creativity and style. People with Instagram themes want their photos to be visual looking and catchy enough so everyone will engage in people’s accounts. People have pretty looking photos these days. When I first started my Instagram account, I never had a specific theme because I had no idea what kind of theme I wanted to do. Instead, I post random pictures based on my daily life and always used random filters. As I look at people’s profiles such as social media influencers and fashion bloggers, I just realize that my account could have stood out in a way that catches people’s attention. I think it’s better to have a theme because it can completely define your personality and makes people want to know you. You want your account to stand out from the crowd so people will find it catchy and eye-opening. Coming up with your theme is easy, but maintaining your theme takes much effort for people to see your Instagram account. Having an Instagram theme makes your account fresh and flow well. It takes time for people to be very interested in you. If you want to have a cohesive theme, then making your content consistent is the key. It also helps you grow your followers. I want to discuss the main tips of creating your own theme.


Your Instagram needs a theme. You can get inspiration from Instagram users who have their own themes. You have to figure out what is something that catches your attention and what you think it will be best for your theme. You have to ask yourself these questions. Do you want your theme to be bright and colorful? Will it be blue, orange, red, yellow, white, black and white, or any specific color schemes you want to stick with? Is your theme going to be saturated, dark toned, minimalistic or desaturated? If you keep posting photos that is related to your theme, then it will not throw your entire theme off. If you choose to do a bright and colorful theme, then there will be no preference of colorful schemes. When you choose one color scheme, then you are limiting yourself to take certain photos in certain areas and times. When you have a white theme, then it is possible to take pictures at night especially if there is no possibility to add a white background or white tone. If you choose to do specific color schemes of your theme, then I suggest that you make it consistent enough to stick with it. If you feel that you are consistent enough to change things around of your photos, then avoid being all over the place.









It is important that your selected photos have good lighting and clear quality. This includes taking photos whether it is an actual camera or on your mobile devices. Good lighting is the key because you want your photos to be seen and easy enough to edit for your theme. If your photos contain bad lighting because it is either too bright or too dim, then it will not match the same filter you use for your Instagram posts. You do not want photos that are grainy and blurry.  If you love the photos you took which does not suit your theme, then you want to avoid it so it does not mess up your overall feed. You want it to remain appealing to Instagram users that will visit your account. I suggest that you use it for other things if you plan to post it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. Or you can keep it as a memory and save it depending on the third party apps that allows to keep your photos.


When you create an Instagram theme, you have to be selective on one filter no matter where you edit your photos. It can be from the installed/uninstalled photo app or third party apps such as VSCO cam. You also have to stick the same setting when you use one filter. One of the settings you have to know are saturation, exposure, shadows, contrast, tint, skin tone, warmth, and clarity because they make a big difference in your photos from the original effect. You are playing around the settings when you are using filters.




The size of your photos matters because sticking with the same cropping size will make your theme look unified and the same. If the size of your photos are different from your other posts, then it will throw your theme off. If you cannot get an accurate size of your photos, then I suggest that you use party apps that will accurately crop your photos.


When you plan your feed, it makes it time consuming to plan on what you are going to post. It makes it easier to maintain our theme. When you plan your photos to be posted, you are playing around with the order to see if the photos are similar enough to match each other. There are ways to plan your feed when you want to post it on Instagram.  One method that I use on the Instagram app is that I choose a photo, add captions to it and ensure that the photo size is the same as the previous posts, then press the arrow button on the left corner, and press save draft if it asks you to. If that is not your favorite method, then you can use other kinds of methods to plan your feed that is related to Instagram from third party apps. You can use Latergramme where you can schedule the time you post on your overall feed which makes it time manageable to post more consistently.